This was a recent job for me. Exterior was in pretty bad condition with heavy salt deposit's and a recent scratch to the rear driverside wing.

Wheels cleaned with Allyglo.
Tyres and arches done with TFR.
Then wheels and car rinsed off.
Sills and door shuts cleaned with various brushes and TFR.
A mix of snowfoam and wash/wax then applied and allowed to dwell for 5 minutes.
Quick rinse off then a wash over with wash mit.
Final rinse and dry off with micro fibre cloths.

Then onto interior, this was not to bad and just needed a hoover out and a few spots on seats sorting out.

All windows cleaned.
Tar spots removed with Autobrite tar and glue remover.
Bodywork polished with Autoglym super resin polish.
Exhaust tips cleaned and polished with chrome cleaner.
Tyres dressed with non silicon dressing.

On arrival

Finished article.